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Angel Chocolate Falls

Fruit Palms

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We pride ourselves on providing unique touches for every event which is why we offer a beautifully unique fruit display that you will not get from any other chocolate fountain provider in Queensland.

Our Fruit Trees are the perfect accompaniment to our peculiar chocolate fountain and together, they are sure to have your guests talking about your wedding or event far into the future. There is nothing better than the taste of fresh fruit dipped in chocolate and I am sure that all of your guests would agree with me.

The Fruit Palms also add the perfect touch to the atmosphere of any island themed event.

Available in a range of sizes - Small, Medium and Large and you will find that we have incorporated these into 3 of our 4 packages.

We can also provide these edible Fruit Palms on request for events if you want without having to hiring the chocolate fountain. Give us a call or send us an email to find out pricing and options.


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Are you planning a party or a get-together with friends and family? For sure, there will be a lot of things you should take care of, but the most important would most probably be the food as this could make or break the experience of your guests. Among others, one that you should have would be a fruit display, which can come in various forms, including the suggestions below. This is going to be a healthy treat for everyone, which will not only fill their stomachs, but also their eyes. For sure, they will be trying to snap a shot of your display before they even have a taste of it. 

To give it look even better, the fruits should be complemented with chocolate fondue where they can dip it before it is eaten. This is also a good idea to get kids to eat fruits as they would most probably not have eaten on its own unless it is covered with chocolate. 

Fruit Tree

One of the ideas you can take into consideration would be a fruit tree, which will mimic a towering structure depending on the fruit of choice. More often than not, pineapples are used, and the bottom is filled with smaller cuts of other types of available fruits. You should have a sturdy board to support the weight of the tree. You can also consider using Styrofoam as the body of the tree and stick in fruit skewers placed beside a chocolate fountain. 

Carved Watermelon 

If you are feeling more creative, take out a carving knife and a watermelon. You can have it designed based on what you find interesting. In addition, you can also place fruits on stick on the watermelon and have it placed near the chocolate fondue. It will make it easier for people to take out fruit bits since they are skewered, covering it with chocolate will not be messy. 

Rainbow Fruit Skewers 

This is another simple idea, which will make sure the fruit display will be noticed by your guests. All that you have to do is to use colourful fruits, which can include raspberries, strawberries, tangerine, mangoes, pineapples, kiwi, and grapes. Cut them out in small pieces and have them threaded into a stick. Serve this in a large white platter, which will make the colours truly standout. Make sure to leave a space on the stick for guests to easily hold it while being dipped in chocolate fountain. 

Make-Your-Own Skewers 

This is best to offer your guests with flexibility, which means they can choose the fruit to pick and eat. In a large bowl, serve cut-outs of different fruits depending on what are available. On the side, in a big jar, place different sticks and guests will just have to make the skewer on their own before they are covered in chocolate fondue.

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