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Twice The Fun! Hire A Double Chocolate Fountain For Your Special Event

If you had to choose one thing in the world that most people would like, you'd struggle to beat chocolate. Be it as an occasional treat or a breakfast, essential chocolate has the power to woo, tantalize and amaze people with its sheer delectability. What better way to make an event utterly memorable than to include not just a chocolate fountain - but a double chocolate fountain with all the trimmings! You can bet for certain that it's going to be the centre of attention and a great way for guests to participate in a shared activity while mingling and getting along with each other.

It's important to clarify why a double chocolate fountain is so very superior to a single chocolate fountain. Obviously, there's one imperative - there are two types of chocolate! This is a great option because many people have their own favourite chocolate while not being especially fond of others; for example, having the contrast between milk and dark chocolate is a popular option, as too is milk and white or even European and domestic.

This variety is important because thanks to our beautiful and unique double chocolate fountain, it makes the whole process of enjoying 'chocolate fondue' even more exciting.

When it comes to enjoying the best of the double chocolate fountain, we offer a comprehensive service and decades worth of knowing what always goes down a hit at every function we cater for. Chocolate fondue must be set up with a delectable range of fruits and suchlike to be dipped into the chocolate of choice - we can provide all of this when you decide to rent our magic fountain. Likewise, we arrange lolly buffets and can cater for any special request in any way remotely linked to chocolate!

Now you might be thinking that hiring a double chocolate fountain will be such a success that you're going to run out of chocolate. Heaven forbid that from ever happening - we can cater for functions and events of all sizes, and the fountain can comfortably cater for even two hundred sweet-toothed guests. As part of the package, all of our clients receive a 'full service' so that they needn't worry in the slightest about anything other than enjoying their special chocolate fountain with their guests. We set up comfortably before the event kicks off and will return later on to tidy away - all your fingers need lift is a delectable piece of chocolate fondue.

The double chocolate fountain has proven to be a massive success at all kinds of parties, be they landmark birthdays, new years eve, corporate occasions and everything else in between. It's a perfect call for later on the day, perhaps the evening reception or party after a wedding, for example, when a delicious piece of pick-me-up chocolate is the order of the day! One thing that is for sure is that it'll be the talk of the show and is sure to go down an absolute storm!

Those lucky enough to live in the Brisbane area, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba region are double fortunate to fall within our operations area. So next time you are looking for a delicious way to make sure your party or occasion goes with a glow, be sure to check out the amazing treasure that is our double chocolate fountain.


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