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Chocolate Fountains for Hire

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Angel Chocolate Falls: Your Best Choice for Chocolate Fountains

Whether it is a wedding, birthday, anniversary, simple get-together or any other event, adding a chocolate fountain will surely give guests a memorable time. The succulent chocolate experience will wow all of your guests and will surely make them want to have it as well in their next event. If you want such on your next event, simply contact Angel Chocolate Falls. We are proud to say that we are one of the most trusted names in Brisbane and preferred choice for those who are looking for premium chocolate fountains.


Customised to Your Needs

At Angel Chocolate Falls, we understand the different needs of our clients and their personal preferences. Because of this, our chocolate fountain can be customised based on what will be required by our clients. We will work closely with you and take note of all your needs and demands, and in the end, make sure the output is successfully achieved. You can request for the specific type of chocolate you want. If you have no idea what can prove to be perfect, we can help you through our expert suggestions. The colour of the chocolate can even be personalised to make sure it will complement the overall theme of the event.

Quick and Reliable Service 


We also take pride in being able to deliver timely services on all of our clients, wherever you are in Brisbane or in neighbouring areas. We will be able to complete the entire set-up based on the time frame that has been earlier agreed upon. More often than not, it will take one to one and a half hours, depending on the specific requirements of the clients. Upon entry to the venue, your guests will surely first notice our amazing chocolate fountain and they will be very eager to try it even before the event starts.


Beyond Aesthetics


While a chocolate fountain can prove to be a good attraction on the venue, we make sure we go beyond aesthetics. We understand the need to make it as pleasing as possible to captivate the attention of the guests. We, at Angel Chocolate Falls, however, make sure it is not only beautiful in terms of setup, but it is also delicious. Regardless of how beautiful it looks like, if the taste is bad, the entire experience can be ruined. Aside from such, all of our fountains are also sanitised properly to ensure the safety of the guests. 

If you want to have a chocolate fountain on your next event, do not hesitate to call us at Angel Chocolate Falls. We will make it easy to allow your guests to have a good time and make sure they will forever remember you as a host.

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