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Our buffets offer a wide variety of lollies and chocolates that your guests are sure to love.

We have incorporated 2 different sized lolly buffets into our larger chocolate fountain packages (“Basic lolly buffet” in the Gold Package and “Extreme Lolly Buffet” in the Platinum Package). We carefully design and present our buffets using different sized lolly jars and vases around the chocolate fountain. You can eat the lollies as they are or dip them into the flowing chocolate of the fountain. We also provide you with plain white lolly bags for your guests to fill with lollies to take home. Lots of fun and a definite wow factor to the evening.

The perfect accompaniment to the Chocolate Fountain and a quintessential at any wedding or special event.

Create a Colour Scheme

Although having a rainbow made of candies might be appealing to some, using too many colours can be distracting. It is best to stick to two or three colours for the lolly buffet. The colours must complement each other. You should have three to four lollies that are of the same colour. The shades of the lollies might not be the same, but they will be visually appealing. This is one way of presenting your colour scheme to the guests.

But if you really want to use more than three colours, make sure that they are of the same colour family. You should not mix primary colours with pastels. By choosing only primary colours and their complementary colours, you will have a colourful lolly buffet.

Angel Chocolate Falls provides wonderful lolly buffet for all occasions. They also have chocolate fountain hire that complements well with the candy bar. The two are perfect for your upcoming function.

Example Quote

Custom Candy Buffet 

Colour Scheme: Navy Blue & Peach
Size of Buffet: Medium - 20 Jars (10 Varieties of Candy - 2 jars of each variety)
Must-Have Candy: Milk Bottles
Candy Selection 
1. Milk Bottles
2. Blueberry Rock Candy
3. Marshmallow Hearts
4. Peaches & Cream candy
5. Peach Coloured Jelly Beans
6. Blue Sour Licorice Straps
7. Blue Clouds
8. Blue Gummi Bears
9. Blue Sparkles Chocolate Buttons
10. 24 Cake Pops - each cake pop dipped in a peach coloured white chocolate

Also Included:
Styling: Under table lighting - Blue LED Lighting
              2x Cherry Light Trees (on top of the table)
              Navy Blue Silk Table cloth (to caver the multi-level shelves on top of the table)
              Custom Handmade Labels for Jars (Navy Blue & Peach colour scheme)
              Servingware - Candy scoops and tongs
              Choice of Wooden Wording - "Mr & Mrs" "Love" OR "Dream"
              Guest Candy Bags 
Delivery and set up before the event 
Return after the event to clean up and pack down

All this for $500

One of the things that go well with a chocolate fountain is a lolly buffet. It doesn’t matter what the event might be. Whether it is a wedding, a birthday party or any other occasion, having one will make the event more enjoyable for the guests. It will be one of the talking points of the party.

A lolly buffet is also known as a candy bar. It is a fun way to break the ice during an event. Guests will gather around the chocolate fondue and lolly buffet area and start conversations among themselves. It doesn’t matter if they were strangers to each other. After the event is done, they will be friends. And they have to thank the candy bar for the start of a good friendship.

A lolly buffet is more affordable than other favour options. Plus the theme and colours will depend on one’s creativity, which makes the options limitless. You should let your creative juices flow. Whether it is a personal or a corporate event, our chocolate fountain hire with lolly buffet will do the trick. 

One of the questions that Angel Chocolate Falls often receives is how much candy to order. More often than not, the candies are placed in containers for guests to choose from while they are at the event. The first thing you need to do is determine how many guests are going to attend the event.

The amount of candy that a person can consume is rough between 50 grams and 100 grams. Some guests will eat less while there are others who will eat more than the average. And if you are going to provide takeaway gifts, then that means allocating the same amount as the display beside the chocolate fondue.

It is better to have a little extra, especially if the containers are big. You don’t need to worry about giving them away because that’s not hard to do. Extra candies can be given out to family members or share them at the office.

If you are considering giving out lollies as a party favour, consider placing them in personalised bags. You can have the bags printed and ask guests to fill a bag as they leave the event. That way, you are assured that the guests will enjoy their party favours.

You can use whatever container you have at home for the lolly buffet. The choice is yours. You can use mugs, bowls, glass jars, baskets, platters, or metal trays, just to name a few. Just make sure that the container goes well with the theme. Angel Chocolate Falls has various containers to choose from. You don’t need to worry about finding the right one that complements the theme. The company will also provide scoops and tongs for guests.

You should get lollies that you like, what you think your guests will like and whatever flavours and colours that will suit the occasion. You should consider the age of the guests before ordering. Lollies are ideal for young ones while traditional ones for the adults. If the event will be attended by all sorts of people, then you should consider getting a mixture of all types.

One way to find one is to ask your family what they want. Ask them about their favourite products. Some of the all-time favourites include jelly beans, gummy bears, choc malt balls, and strawberry clouds. Angel chocolate Falls allows you to choose by colour, occasion and brand.

There are several ways in which you can display the candy bar. The lollies provide a wonderful colour palette that can be placed on top of the table in several ways. They come in different shapes, colours, and flavours. The dessert table will definitely look attractive if you have one alongside the chocolate fondue. Guests will be curious about the lollies and go to the table.

Just like a flower arrangement, the lolly buffet will look more attractive if there are different levels. Containers and jars must not have the same heights. Tall containers can function as visual displays while smaller jars are for serving.

You can also achieve levels using the same jars and the use of flat objects such as paperweights, books, or dishware. Place them under the tablecloth to hide them. They will function as stands to create various levels on the dessert table. If there is no table cloth, you can use a clear acrylic riser that’s available from any arts and crafts shop. Or you can be creative and use objects that will complement your theme. The difference in height will make the candy bar more interesting.

You should also remember to have place cards that will ensure that guests know what lollies are in the dessert table. You can opt to print the place cards or write them yourself. Not everyone is a lolly connoisseur and having place cards will ensure they know what they are getting.

Unique Candy Buffet Extras

We also offer an array of other delectable delights which can be added to your Candy Bar as part of your selections or at an extra cost.

  • Fresh Fruit Waffle Cones (with or without drizzled chocolate)

  • Chocolate coated fruit skewers

  • Chocolate coated Fruit bouquets

  • Chocolate coated strawberries (skewers arranged in a jar like a bouquet)

  • Cake Pops - Dipped in coloured chocolate and decorated with a variety of sprinkles.

We pride ourselves in what we do and strive to create an amazing display of delicious foods that look as good as they taste and definitely help to add that extra wow factor to your event.

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