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Double Chocolate Fountains

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Best Double Chocolate Fountain Hire in Brisbane

Having a chocolate fountain is a good way to impress your guests, no matter what the event might be in Brisbane. But there is something better than having one for your event. A double chocolate fountain will make weddings, birthdays, engagements, corporate events, or any other event more memorable. It will be a sure hit among guests.

Not only is a double chocolate fountain hire a great way to provide desserts to guests, but it is also a wonderful party attraction. And one of the leading providers in the Sunshine Coast is Angel Chocolate Falls. They use only the finest chocolates on the market with top of the line double chocolate fountain.

Angel Chocolate Falls use only the finest chocolates in the double chocolate fountain. The chocolate and white chocolate flow effortlessly and there’s no need to add any other ingredient into it. The chocolates have a smooth, creamy, and luscious flavour that will appeal to all guests.

One of the things that guests look forward to a wedding is the chocolate fountain. Not only does it serve as a food source, but a double chocolate fountain will also serve as a conversation piece and focal point of the dessert table. It will leave a lasting memory to guests. They will talk about it for years.

Guests will marvel at the sight of white and normal chocolate flowing side by side. It will leave guests at awe as they dip fruits, marshmallows, brownies, cookies, and any other food item you can think of. Chocolate goes well with a lot of foods and your options are limitless.

A double chocolate fountain is interactive and keeps guests entertained. Dipping finger food into milk or white chocolate adds to the experience. With two kinds of chocolate to choose from, it is the so much fun than the normal chocolate fondue fountain.

A double chocolate fountain is a more cost-effective alternative to a dessert buffet. It also provides a great centrepiece for the event. Angel Chocolate Falls will ensure that the chocolate is flowing smoothly. A chocolate fountain dessert bar is a good addition to the catering services of any event.

There’s no need to worry about the number of guests showing up to the event. You can easily augment the dipping ingredients if you run out of it during the course of the event. You can easily slice up fruits or buy more marshmallows to satisfy the chocolate craving of guests. They can get as much as they want without feeling uncomfortable about going for seconds, thirds, or more.

For weddings and other events in the Gold Coast area, be sure to contact Angel Chocolate Falls for double chocolate fountain hire. They come in affordable rates and will surely make your event one to be remembered for ages.

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