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A Chocolate Fountain Can Make Your Next Kids' Party a Dream Come True

This is the stuff every kid dreams of: a birthday party with a chocolate fountain! Angel Chocolate Fountains is in the business of making this particular dream come true, and you can invite them to make your next party a truly memorable event. And of course, chocolate isn't just for kids. As well as chocolate fountains for kids' parties, we can bring beautifully presented chocolate fountains to your next function, corporate event or wedding, making your reputation for hosting extraordinary parties and events.

Angel Chocolate Falls can help by adding that extra wow factor to your child's birthday, school fair, school function, kid's party, etc. And the best part is that we do all the work! From set up to finish, we provide everything you need and clean up afterwards. With over ten years of experience in serving the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba and Sunshine Coast regions, we offer the best quality and service.

Unique chocolate fountains

We offer various packages to suit every budget and taste. Our chocolate fountains are unique in that our chocolate actually flows down the tiers. Imagine a waterfall cascading down a cliff, and you have an idea of how our chocolate fountain looks. We can provide chocolate in two different colours, and even colour the chocolate to match your event and decor!

As well as a tempting array of fresh and dried fruit, we have different kinds of baked goods for dipping in the chocolate. The classics are marshmallows, pretzel sticks, Angel Food cake and Rice Crispies. But that's only the beginning! We bring innovative touches with dipping foods like bread, banana, cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter cookies; Oreo’s, gingerbread and shortbread; animal crackers, graham crackers and vanilla wafers.

Special touches

Along with the cascading chocolate fountain is an array of fruit and other sweet treats for dipping in the fountain. The food is imaginatively displayed as fruit trees. We can bring ice sculptures in unique shapes like kissing swans, to grace the table. We even provide the skewers and napkins! Our creative presentations offer food, entertainment and conversation pieces all in one.

Each chocolate fountain is customized to best suit your needs and taste. We can provide the exact kind of chocolate you want, and have a wide range of chocolate available for your choice. Each chocolate fountain is a work of art. But they're also high-quality food.

Quality service

Such an elaborate presentation takes time to set up. It can take up to two hours to set up a chocolate fountain and the complete display, and another two to clean up afterwards. Above all else, we are reliable. Our courteous and professional staff will complete their tasks efficiently and promptly, leaving with you nothing more to do than enjoy your party!

Serving the southeast Queensland region, we will travel to your location and arrive in time to set up the fountain and display. So why not invite us to your next party? It'll make your reputation as a party host And event planner!


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