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A Delicious Centrepiece For Any Event

MMmm, chocolate. You can’t go wrong with chocolate on virtually any occasion from personal snacking and sharing with friends, to big events such as corporate functions, large parties or weddings. Now instead of searching for the most luscious recipes containing chocolate that you can find, you can try something sophisticated, different and special: A Chocolate Fountain …

Try to imagine a beautiful dessert buffet set out on a well-decorated table: tempting tropical fruits and delicious treats such as coconut covered marshmallow, sweets made with nuts, macaroons, and a variety of delightful finger foods are arranged on pretty plates and in attractive piles. A small crowd has gathered around the table. They are admiring the centrepiece, a silver fountain with rich, velvety chocolate flowing smoothly down the sides. Yes, the object that has enlivened their curiosity, not to mention their appetite, is a chocolate fountain that forms the centrepiece of the lovely banquet.

Yes, this gorgeous banquet with its charming centrepiece is definitely a crowd-pleaser. Most people are intrigued by the sight of chocolate in a silver fountain and an event planner can soon demonstrate the how-to’s of dipping anything from a choice from the lolly buffet, to a slice of fresh mango into the fountain and then stepping aside to enjoy this classy indulgent delicacy.

Angel Chocolate Falls, is a Brisbane, QLD based business that serves Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Toowoomba and the Sunshine Coast. Their specialty line is not just the chocolate fountain, but the Chocolate Cascade. This cascading effect sets the machines from Angel Chocolate falls apart in a visually interesting manner. The chocolate does not flow downwards from bowl to bowl, like the chocolate in a traditional tiered chocolate fountain, it cascades in an effect that simulates the movement of water down a mountainside.

At Angel Chocolate Falls, the chocolate cascade may be of two colours such as dark chocolate and white chocolate and the two flavours may mingle or be tasted separately. The running chocolate may even be coloured especially to match the décor of the occasion.

A Chocolate Cascade is a delightful way to consume a buffet. The cascade will form a natural conversation starter as people wander back and forth to try out the snacks and finger foods. It’s also a very social arrangement to have a buffet in the centre of the room and because there is chocolate involved most people will be excited and interested. Photos of a chocolate cascade usually turn out well and it’s nice to tell the story of a delicious buffet, shared with friends or colleagues, which featured a chocolate cascade.

At Angel Chocolate Falls, the service can range from the creation of a children’s Birthday Party with a colourful lolly buffet, to catering for events at large venues such as hotels and restaurants, or business soirées. The buffet which surrounds the Chocolate Cascade may include edible fresh fruit tree displays and an incredible selection of treats for dipping.

Only carefully made, high-quality coverture chocolate is used in Angel Chocolate Falls’ cascades. This company specialises in affordable packages designed for individual event; their chocolate cascade machines can keep two hundred people well supplied with chocolate and because this experience is so pleasing, many of them will return to the buffet again and again for more.


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