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Angel Chocolate Falls - Chocolate Fountains for Events

Wedding, birthdays, anniversaries, and corporate events are special occasions that many people look forward to. However, if you are responsible for getting all of the plans together, the excitement that you have maybe a little different than the rest. Because events like this take time to prepare, arrange, secure all of the details and notify everyone involved prior to the date that has been set, you will normally have quite a bit to do in your hands.

Fortunately, when you are making the plans today, there are some fun and exciting things that you can suggest. One of which is becoming more common in many social circles and business networks involves chocolate fountain hire companies like Angel Chocolate Falls. When chocolate fountains are part of a special event, people who attend will see it as a great ice breaker, that is not only interesting and fun to observe, but also a very tasty treat for everyone that attends. So, for those of you who are interested in what type of services that Angel Chocolate Falls offers to their customers, you can review the information provided below.

Choose the Services that fit Your Needs

First of all, our specialists know that the number of people to be served at these events can vary substantially from one to another. So, we may be required to show up at a small intimate event that only includes from 50 to 100 people. Meaning one of the first things that we will do to serve you is, to find out how small or big your party will be on that day. To make sure that we can accommodate a diversity of needs, we start by providing a number of different packages that have been designed to fit each occasion. For instance, we offer a bronze package that services 50 to 100 guests, a silver package that fits an event that seats 80 to 150 participants, a gold package that starts out with a gathering that ranges from 100 to 200 people or a diamond package that accommodates a total of 140 plus people. So, people will need to pick and choose the best packages for their specific needs.

Just Make the Call and we will take it from there

It does not matter if we are setting up the chocolate fountain for a birthday, a wedding or a corporate event, our professionals are trained and ready to serve you at the time that you establish. Arriving an hour to one hour and 30 minutes prior to the time of the event, we set up everything that is needed for your chocolate fountain display. Also, once the event is over, we return to pack the fountain up and clean the area thoroughly so that it in its same or better condition. You can call us for all kinds of events and celebrations including baby showers, school formals, corporate events, weddings, birthday and anniversaries.

What’s included in our chocolate fountain hire packages?

All of our packages come standard, though customers can add on extras very comfortably. A full package display will consist of a broad selection of dips and fruits and other commonly known decadent sweet items like marshmallows, wafer sticks, brownies and mini donuts.


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