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Angel Chocolate Falls – Chocolate Fountains For Events

At Angel Chocolate Falls, we promise to give you the best services like none you have experienced before. We are your specialist chocolate fountain hire company. Make your function be it a wedding, corporate event, or party unforgettable with our double chocolate fountain that we will present beautifully.

We have been in the hospitality industry for over 10 years. This means we have the necessary experience thereby giving you the best service and top-notch quality. Our chocolate fountains for hire are unique and you will not find them anywhere else in South East Queensland.

We operate in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Toowoomba regions. How our set-up looks like

We have added two different sized buffets into our chocolate fountain package. The basic lolly buffet – it is in the gold package Extreme lolly buffet – it is in the platinum package You can choose to eat the lollies as they are or dip them inside the flowing chocolate. We also give you a white lolly bag for the guests. You can use the bag to carry the extra lollies back home.

We create a colour scheme

Having a rainbow that is made of candies is appealing, but using many colours can be quite distracting. We recommend two to three colours for the buffet. The colours should complement each other. The lollies should be three to four and they must be of the same colour. It is not necessary that the shades of the lollies be the same, but they have to be appealing to the eye. This is the best way to present colour schemes to your guests. If you must use more than three colours, ensure they are from the same colour family. Never mix pastels with primary colours. By having primary colours and those that compliment them your lolly buffet will be very colourful. Angel chocolate falls has lolly buffets for any occasion.

What we offer our clients

I. Bronze package[50 – 100 people] This package is available every day of the week. Its price is between $690 - $790. This depends on the events location and the number of people. The complete package comes with the following: • Chocolate- 2 kinds [milk and white] • Acrylic lightbox- the colour of the lights to match with your colour scheme • Cherry light trees • Fountain hire for 5 hours • Wafer sticks • Grapes • Pineapples • Bananas • Desiccated coconut • skewers • napkins • 2 hours set up

II. Silver package [100 – 150 people] Price is between $750 - $890 depending on location and number of people. The package comes with the following: • Tea light candles • 2kg marshmallows • Chocolate- 2 kinds[ milk & white] • Acrylic lightbox • Cherry light trees • Oreos • Watermelon • Mandarins • Bananas • Strawberries • Donuts • Grapes • Banana cake • Skewers • Napkins • Jam rolls • Lamingtons • Dip sprinkles • 2 hours set up • 1.5 hour clean up

III. Gold package[100 -200 people] The price ranges from $890 - $990. The package has the following: • Chocolate – 2 kinds[ white& milk] • Cherry light trees • Acrylic lightbox • Tea light candles • Marshmallows • Wafer biscuits • Rockmelon • Strawberries • Pineapple • Grapes • Banana cake mini doughnuts • Profiteroles • Jam rolls • Lamingtons • 2 hours set up • 1.5 hours clean up

Ensure that your event is one that people will remember. Order any one of our inspiring fountains and enjoy the chocolaty goodness.


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