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Angel Chocolate Falls - Chocolate Fountains for Every Event

The best events are always going to be the most memorable events, those that have something a little extra that makes them stand out as a real highlight. However the tricky part can be finding something that is also suitable for every kind of event, and no matter what it may be our Angel chocolate fountain will be a guaranteed hit across the board. After all - not many people don't like delicious chocolate!

We designed our chocolate fountain so that it would stand out and be expressive. Just having a tap of trickling chocolate wasn't good enough for us, we wanted to create a cascading waterfall style feature that looked just as impressive as it tastes. It took a while to build, but given the feedback we've had from our previous clients, we can say with certainty that it'll be a massive hit at any event!

The fountain itself is presented on an elegant stand that sits at a perfect height for easy self-service, and also is ideal to be placed behind a logo or picture. This makes it even better as a focal point for the event, as you be sure that there's going to be no shortage of people milling about the fountain and enjoying its delights. Indeed this is one of the reasons why it's so popular with events - it provides an avenue for people who might not know each other so well to mill about, make introductions, and progress into having a great time.

While very popular with birthdays, weddings and celebrations our chocolate fountain hire has also proven to be an excellent 'after dinner' favourite with corporate functions too. Likewise, new year and Christmas (book early!) parties have made fantastic use of our chocolate fountain in the past. Trust us - a chocolate fountain is a far more economical way of providing dessert to a couple of hundred people than a set down service!

Offering two types of chocolate (which is pretty rare to find), our chocolate fountain can easily cater for around 200 people - and knowing how popular it will be with attendees, we've estimated that to be a conservative figure! We supply both dark and white chocolate with our fountain as standard, and the two flows and trays are kept apart to avoid the chance of any cross-over.

The chocolate itself can also be coloured should you wish it to match a specific theme, and we do this simply by adding a few drops of food colouring to the high-quality white chocolate that is included within the package.

We offer a wide range of dippers to accompany your chocolate fountain, ranging from our spectacular fruit trees to decadent marshmallows, wafers and brownies alongside many, many others. You can be sure to have a wide range of delicious dippers that will have something for everybody - and indeed, combining the flavours is all part of the fun.

As part of the hire, we offer a 'full service' - meaning that we will take care of installing and preparing the chocolate fountain in a position and at a time suitable to our client's requirements. We'll then leave you to enjoy yourselves and return to pick up and tidy away at a time convenient to you. All events are different and will have special requirements - nobody understands that better than we do - so we can usually be able to adapt to these, just let us know in advance.

Our chocolate fountain is available to hire throughout the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba regions, and we look forward to catering for you soon!


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