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Angel Chocolate Falls - Making Your Dream Party a Reality

Is your big day just around the corner and you aren't sure what features to add to make it complete? Then stress no more because nothing will make that wedding day, birthday party or any other event which you might be having complete than our elegant double chocolate fountain. Besides making that day memorable, our double chocolate fountains will make your party more sophisticated and unique than any other event or party which you've ever attended. They will leave tongues wagging and leave those who attended just to see how things would turn out speechless.

Why Choose Us? You have a long list of reasons as to why you should choose us but the main one is that we provide show-stopping and exceptional double chocolate fountains that even a person who is allergic to chocolate can't resist. They are made of high-quality ingredients, and unlike most businesses operating in the same arena as us, ours do not contain hydrogenated oils. Instead, they are perfectly formulated with high-quality ingredients to become naturally viscous so they can flow beautifully on our unique fondue pots and chocolate fountains creating a spectacular sight. Additionally, our double chocolate fountains offer a feast for all senses so besides creating an incredible view for the visitors, the chocolate itself boasts a smooth texture and sweet taste which will leave them coming for more after every dip. Each of our double chocolate fountains stands out from the ones offered by our competitors because it comes with a diverse array of extra delicacies for your sweet tooth such as a lolly buffet, wafer sticks, marshmallows, skewers. Different types of fruits among many others which guests can dip into the chocolate to tease and satisfy their taste buds.

Our Packages and Services Apart from the spectacular double chocolate fountains, we here at Angel chocolate fall want to make your big day whether it's your baby's first birthday, your 21st birthday, your bridal or baby shower or wedding to be the most special and also the most memorable one in your life. Therefore, in respect to that, we will give you nothing but exceptional services to make that possible. Our full-service package is planned by the brilliant and creative minds of our hospitable staff to make sure it not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Complete with food, unique and glamorous glassware, two flavours of chocolate set on breathtaking double chocolate fountains we will transform your event into a splendid sweet spot that will instantly change those who had doubts in your day turning out well into believers. Having been in this arena for a long time, we understand how stressful it can be even to hold a party for kids and as such we will handle the burdens for you by doing the setup and also cleaning up for you. That gives you time to focus on other important matters for the event while we deal with the chocolate, lolly buffets and anything for your sweet tooth. What's even better is that our set up takes only two hours to complete which means by the time your guests arrive everything shall be ready. Plus our assistants stick around to ensure that everything is smooth sailing by helping the guests out on how to get chocolate from the fountains so you can sigh with relief, relax and have fun because your day will be a big success. So contact us today, and one of our highly skilled yet friendly staff will reach out to you in person to know what kind of event you are planning to have, the number of guests and your expectations so we can prepare together and help make your dream wedding, birthday or any other event a reality.


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