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Cocolate Fountains for Events

When a person is looking to host a party that will get the attention of their guests they can have one thing that everyone will love. That one thing is a chocolate fountain. This fountain has chocolate flowing down the sides and out of the top. A person can then drip a fruit or sweet treat in the chocolate. Angel Chocolate Falls has a number of chocolate fountains and they will set everything up for their clients. There is no other company in the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, or Toowoomba regions that will provide the services that Angel Chocolate Falls does.

Not only does Angel Chocolate Falls have the chocolate they have a number of different fountains to select from. These fountains are unique and no other company in the area has fountains quite like them. These fountains are able to allow two different kinds of chocolate to flow down them at the same time. They can even make the chocolate a custom colour to fit the décor or the theme of the event. This chocolate is delicious and can be made special for every special event.

The chocolate fountain displays are also stunning and are like nothing a person has ever seen before. The fountain is set up with edible fruit that is cut fresh. This fruit is arranged so that it makes the shape of a tree. In addition to the fruit, there are a number of other treats that are set up along the edges of the fountain. A person can pick the one they like the best and have some fun dipping it into the chocolate. The dessert buffet is also set up around the chocolate. There are a number of treats on their buffet and there is sure to be something for everyone. There is a great candy buffet that features all different types of candy. The most popular displays ordered at Angel Chocolate Falls are the double chocolate fountain and the candy bar. There are different packages so that no matter what type of budget a person is on they can have a chocolate fountain featured at their event.

There are many different types of dippers that can be ordered to go with the chocolate fountain. Some of these dips are common and others are rather unique. A person can pick what dippers they want for their event. Some of the sweet dipper choices include churros, brownies, and even banana bread. There are a number of fresh fruit options to choose from including watermelon and mango. A person can choose some candy for their events such as gummy snakes, oreo cookies, and French cinnamon twists. There is even a cake pop section that can be set up. The cake is dipped into the chocolate fountain and there are a number of toppings set up to go with it.

The professionals at Angel Chocolate Falls have a chocolate fountain for every event. The fountains can be customized to fit the needs of the event and there are plenty of sweet treats to go along with the chocolate.


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