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The Appeal Of Angel Chocolate Falls

Anyone who gives a party would love for it to be enjoyed by their guests. Guests should be activated and mingling with one another. Chocolate is just the thing to warm people up, get them talking, and put them in a festive party mood. Everybody loves chocolate. It's the language of love.

Angel Chocolate Falls goes beyond what other chocolate providers can give to your celebration. We have made chocolate fountains our unique speciality, elevating them beyond what others have to offer. Our chocolate falls delight and tantalise the eye as well as the taste buds. We are the premier chocolate falls provider in the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba regions.

Shimmering, Silky Chocolate Tiers Of Goodness

Other providers of chocolate fountains tend to give you a dome-like metal structure completely covered in liquid chocolate. You hardly know where to put your titbit to get to the chocolate, for fear you'll get the taste of metal instead. Treat selections are limited, too.

At Angel Chocolate Falls, we have gone crazy with an inventive design that appeals to the eye and draws in the crowd for a succulent taste of liquid chocolate goodness. Our chocolate fountains are created to look just like a shimmering waterfall, pouring down in waves at succeeding heights. Not only that, but we are the one chocolate falls provider that can give you more than one type of chocolate in our chocolate tier. Wow, your guests with white and dark chocolate selections. They can choose the one they like the best or taste them both.

White chocolate can be colourised to complement the colours of your event. Whether you are having a birthday party, wedding, company get-together or formal affair, choose any colour of the rainbow for your chocolate falls. Increase the eye appeal by combining the fall with an ice structure, uniquely created by our company to make your event a memorable one. Choose several colours in a single fall for a spectacular marble effect.

A Wide Assortment Of Delectable Treats

Angel Chocolate Falls simply cannot be beaten for the number of treats we offer to accompany our chocolate falls. Choose from any of these as well as a large assortment of others:

• The Ever-Popular Marshmallow

• Freshly Baked Doughnuts or Brownies

• Crunchy Wafer Sticks or Churros

• Cookies or Gummy Candy

• Fresh Berries Or Other Fresh Fruit

• Cake pops with Candy Sprinkles

Our treats are displayed in a fancy spread around the lower tiers of our chocolate fountains. Guests simply can't resist them. They are delicious appetizers in and of themselves, even without the addition of chocolate.

Candy-lovers can try our lolly buffet. Assorted candies are displayed in cute lolly jars for your guests to select and dip. Lolly bags are also provided for take-home favours.

For a most unusual display, choose our fruit palms. These are towers of speared fruit pieces shaped like a palm tree, complete with the leaves on top. This is the perfect choice for an island-themed celebration.

Angel Chocolate Falls understands the true meaning of decadence. We strive for decadence in everything we do, and it shows.


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