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The Magic Of A Double Chocolate Fountain

If you have been looking for something fun and unique for your next event, then your search is over. Welcome to the world of chocolate fountains. These fantastic devices provide an impressive and delicious form of entertainment for all types of events ranging from birthday parties to weddings, and everything in between. Chocolate fountains establish an incredible focal point in any room while supplying your guests with an interactive method of treating themselves to a luxurious chocolate fondue dessert. It is a celebration after all, and people tend to indulge a bit. Chocolate fountains are the perfect way to allow people to help themselves to as much chocolate goodness as they want whenever they want it.

The only thing better than a chocolate fountain is a double chocolate fountain. Imagine the sweet aroma of two types of rich melted chocolate filling the air as your guests dip unlimited assortments of treats into a double fondue waterfall of decadence. As beautiful as the standard tiered chocolate fountains are the double chocolate foundations are literally twice as nice. With a double chocolate fountain, you can actually have two types of chocolate flowing at once, providing your guests with multiple choices. It is truly a mouthwatering feast that looks as amazing as it tastes. Variety is the spice of life and that certainly holds true when it comes to dazzling your guests.

A double chocolate fountain also serves another purpose. It acts as a piece of art that is sure to impress your guests on appearance alone. People truly enjoy watching the various types of chocolate flow from level to level. Many wonder how it mechanically works, while others simply view it as a decadent sculpture. The best part is you get to choose the two types of chocolate that will make the most impact at your event. These days there are various choices in both the colour and flavour of the chocolates that can be used in the double chocolate fountain. You can certainly spice it up with bright colours or go with the classic milk and white chocolate fondues for a tasty contrast. Remember that the double chocolate fountain is also a feast for the eyes.

If you are looking to hire a double chocolate fountain for your next spectacular event, Angle Chocolate Falls is your number one source in the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, and Sunshine Coast regions. We have decades of experience and offer an all-inclusive service that simply cannot be equalled in the chocolate fondue industry today. At Angle Chocolate Falls we pride ourselves on providing our valued customers with the best knowledge, products, and services available. We simply want to be a part of the happiness and joy that you achieve from your special event. That is the true measure of our success. When you hire Angle Chocolate Falls you can rest assured that everything will go as smooth as the magical chocolate fondue we are famous for.

We highly recommend that you book your double chocolate fountain as soon as you have a date and location for your event. It is not unheard of to book them up to twelve months in advance. We want to ensure that one of our luxurious double chocolate fountains is available when you need it. Please provide the following information in order to receive an accurate price quote.

1: Location of the event

2: Date of the event

3: Duration of the event

4: The number of guests that the double chocolate fountain is to cater for

On average, Angel Chocolate Falls hires our double chocolate fountains for a four-hour period. If you happen to require a longer amount of time, please discuss this with us during the initial consultation. We look forward to working with you!


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