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Wedding Chocolate Fountains

In the modern world where diversity, creativity and technology are embraced highly, we have seen the wedding culture diversify and adopt a new touch to it. Ladies and gentlemen, I am speaking about the chocolate fountains. The wedding organizers have learnt to shush the attendees to quite a buzz with the setting. The sight of melted scrumptious chocolate flowing sleekly and adoringly down a fountain of glee is something that will make your wedding eventful. It’s a sight that causes choco-munchies and chocolate to become irresistible. If you are planning a wedding soon and you are interested in such, Angel Chocolate Falls is the company you are looking for.

Angel Chocolate falls based in North Brisbane, QLD. We service clients who reside in the following regions; Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold coast. We have unquestioned expertise and professionalism that will give that touch of enjoyment to your event. We have climbed to the top ranks in the chocolate fountain industry because we believe that quality and customer satisfaction are guaranteed.

The company’s workforce closely works with the client in the planning process. We give information about the fountains available and clearly state their pros and cons so that one makes an informed and right decision in choosing the fountain and type of chocolate. We also put into consideration the preference of the customer, that is, if he or she wants the colour of chocolate to coordinate with the colour scheme of the event. We also have a variety of dipping items that match the chocolate. Some of them include; pretzels, bananas, marshmallows, strawberries and pineapples.

It is a custom of the company to deliver and set up the fountain station for the client at the specified reception sometime before the guests arrive (1-1.5 hour(s) early). If you, the client, do not deem this fit, we will set the station prior to the time you specify. We have wind-guards if your reception is outdoor. The setting will surely wow everyone and everyone will leave the venue with positive comments. Once the end of the event strikes, we will clean up the chocolate fountain display.

Having a wedding that is both unique and memorable is not easy, with a lot of wedding falling below standard because of a low level of creativity. However, it does take a lot of mental tasks to have events that score past the mark in terms of uniqueness. These types of a wedding always have an item that would wow the audience. With wedding chocolate fountains, you do not have to crack your head much to get the desired outstanding event. The mere sight of a chocolate fountain would melt the hearts of most people so that the wedding is not only exquisite, but its pictures stay forever in their mind.

In case you want that streak of beauty and extra touch to your event, dare the company. You can contact the company via its office line or helpline. We guarantee you that the atmosphere created will bring fun and interaction like no other. No other fun-tastic’ and pocket friendly way to have dessert. Give the guests a wonderful treat by using a wedding chocolate fountain. Try us today.


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