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What Is So Special about Our Double Chocolate Fountain?

Did you know that studies prove chocolate can make you happy? Well, it’s because it contains an element known as tryptophan which causes the release of serotonin (the happy chemical). This, therefore, shows why chocolate is a must-have delicacy in any celebration, be it a wedding, birthday or anniversary party. And to make matters even better, having the chocolate drip from a double fountain will make your event more memorable.

At Angel Chocolate Falls, we pride ourselves on being the best double chocolate fountain service provider in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast. Unlike our competitors, we have been in the hospitality business for a decade. As a result, we have mastered the art of designing a double chocolate fountain to match the theme of your party or event. Moreover, our double chocolate fountains available for hire feature unique and appealing designs that will leave your guests wowed.

You may probably wonder, what makes Angel Chocolate Fall’s Double Chocolate Fountain so different from the rest? First, you need to know that our double chocolate fountain is quite different from the traditional fountains that are used by others. With our fountain, you can have two different kinds of chocolate flowing simultaneously. Even you can bear witness that this is a unique feature that you can only find by hiring our double chocolate fountain.

To make matters even better, we can customize the colour of the chocolate to blend with the theme of your party. This will surely make a massive impact on your guests, it will leave them not only mouth-watering for the fountain, but it will also make them happy as well.

At Angel Chocolate Falls, we do more than just hiring chocolate fountains. We have a team of professionals skilled in adding special touches to events. We can craft a unique chocolate fountain display on the high table. We can also add a variety of treats to the double chocolate fountain giving it a mesmerizing look.

You can also opt for our full service. It entails the following;

Gone are the days when people hosted simple parties. Today, for you to create a lasting impression on your guests, you need to be as unique as possible. You can trust us at Angel Chocolate Falls to help you achieve this vision.

The full service entails a complete set up of the double chocolate fountain section. Ensure that you make early bookings because it takes us about 1 and ½ to 2 hours for the station to be fully set.

During this duration, we can work with the event planners to set up different treats/foods, place the glassware and also set up two flavours of chocolate of your choice. Later after the party, unlike other chocolate fountain providers, our team is available to do the clean-up. You should know that we take our time when designing the double chocolate fountain station so that we can make it perfect and stunning. Remember, we can also change the colour of the chocolate to suit your event's theme.

Our double chocolate fountain is big enough and can serve up to 200 guests. And, because we treasure our clients, we provide quality and tasty chocolate. Unlike our competitors who will only serve you with plain chocolate, we go an extra mile by adding dripping options such as lolly buffets or fruit palms.

If you are looking for the best double chocolate fountain to hire in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, and Sunshine Coast, look no further than Angel Chocolate Falls. We have got you completely covered.


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